ZiniTevi Trakt TV

Now you can sign in to Trakt TV through ZiniTevi for free.

If you are looking for new Movies,TV Shows and other entertainments beyond this movie streaming freeware,the right place is Trakt TV.

So this will help you to use Trakt TV without PC and for free through your Apple/Twitter/Google Account with a single tap on your Mobile smart device.

In this tutorial guide we do hope to give you the entire steps that you must follow to get into the Trakt TV.

Please use this educational guide and enjoy your leisure time with unlimited free movies and TV Shows.

If ypu are already using ZiniTevi on your iOS/Android running device,please navigate Settings and Trakt Signin.

Then you will be received a code that unique to you.

Then apply it as following.

How To Sign In To Trakt TV Using ZiniTevi

Following image guide will help you to do this very easily.

So do the same as we provided.

Step 01:Launch ZiniTevi on your iDevice/Android Device.

Step 02:Go to settings and tap Trakt Sign in.

Step 03:Once you tap the Trakt Sign In,you will be received an unique code.

Step 04:Now tap the https://trakt.tv/activate.

Step 05:Then you can see the sign in options.

Step 06:If you have already Apple/Twitter/Google accounts,you can easily sign in effortlessly.

Step 07:Now enter the code that you received.

Step 08:Tap green color Yes.

Step 09:Be patient till it refresh automatically.

How To Use Trakt TV With ZiniTevi

Once you done the Trakt TV Sign in process through ZiniTevi , you can check all activities of your ZiniTevi app indeed.

So this will give you a great hit to continue latest Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons and Animated Movies for free.

But this will not for free.

You have to pay for watching your favorite Movies.

Once you select your wiling video tap on the play icon which exist at the bottom.

Then you will be directed to the purchasing options.

Select your plan and continue to play the video.

Trakt TV VIP

This is the version that funded with Memberships.

With funded on Trakt TV you can unlock awesome features.

Trakt TV VIP also available with main two parts.

  1. All VIP Features($2.5/month)
  2. All VIP Features + Executive Producer Credit($5/month)

Trakt TV VIP Features

  • Support Our Community with powered thousands of apps by Trakt TV.
  • No advertising.
  • iPhone App testing.
  • iCal Feed.
  • Watch Now Favorite.
  • Custom Calendars.
  • VIP Badges.

Where we have provided very few features that you can experince.

But there are more other features available with this amazing streaming platform.


ZiniTevi allows you to use Trakt TV for free.

This will help you to

So we recommend to follow our educational guide to sign in on Trakt TV.