Best ZiniTevi Alternatives To Watch Movies Free.

In this article, we have arranged movie-watching apps that have been able to steal the spotlight over the past few year,

under two categories; the first is premium apps and the second is free apps.

If you are not living under a rock, you must have heard about most of these streaming services.

Moreover we must indicate that ZiniTevi is the best freeware to watch tons of free videos on your mobile.


If you are a netizen, there is no way that you haven’t heard about Netflix.

It is the most popular movie, and tv series streaming app in the world with over 2 billion members as of today, hands down!.

You may choose the best plan out of basic, standard, and premium plans to cater to your needs. Also, you can either downgrade or upgrade your subscription, whenever you need, at no cost.

Although there is an extensive collection of movies,

sometimes you might not be able to access all the content due to restrictions based on your geographic area.

In that case, you can you a VPN to enjoy all of these series.

To learn about the latest Netflix shows make sure to subscribe to the Netflix YouTube channel.

Feature of Netflix

  1. Each package offers a different quality of videos and a particular number of screens that Netflix can be watched.
  2. You can find the latest tv-series and movies on Netflix with subtitles.

Amazon Prime Video

If there is one video streaming app that has been able to compete with Netflix,

it’s Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Video or commonly known as Prime Videos is another premium video streaming app owned by, Inc.

that has been operating for 15 years since 2016. This provides a Videos On Demand service.

Concerning the quality of videos and audio,

Amazon prime provides videos of up to 4K qualities with double digital plus audio quality which depend on your device.

Amazon prime provide 24000 movies and about 2100 tv shows just for $5.99 per month. 

Features of Prime Videos

It has got great amount of TV shows and TV series compared with Netflix.


Hulu officially released back in 2007 as a TV series streaming site is said to be the most affordable video streaming service when it comes to the money that you are going to pay.

Apart from watching your favorite TV shows, you can also watch over 65 live tv channels for $64.99.

Features of Hulu

1. Originally this was introduced as a TV series site
2.Watch live TV channels at additional cost.

Almost all of these aforementioned premium streaming services provide a 30-day free trial to new subscribers.

Apple TV +

Apple TV+ was introduced in 2019 and it offers video quality up to 4K with doubly atom sounds.

Subscription cost is lower compared to other premium services, which start at $5.

Also, the number of shows that can be watched is lower when compared with Netflix and Amazon Prime.

This comes as a pre-installed app on an Apple device.

Apart from Apple devices, you can find this app on Samsung smart TVs.

Features of Apple TV +

  1. Watch every episode of your favorite TV show the following day after it is aired.
  2. Watch some tv-shows that are unique to Apple TV+


Vudu is an American company that provides both free and paid services.

On Vudu, you can watch movies with ads, rent, or buy movies.

Recently another streaming platform known as fandangos was merged with Vudu to create a new mega-platform.

Feature of Vudu

  1. You don’t have to wait until the whole episode of your favourite TV series’s season is released.
  2. Pay only for the movie or tv series you want to enjoy
  3. Rent or buy movies as you wish
  4. Renal price starts at $.99 and purchases price starts at $ 4.99.

Disney Plus

Disney plus is one of the newest streaming services that was launched in December 2020.

The subscription price of this latest platform starts at just $6.99.

Unlike other premium services, as this works more like a family package, you’ll be able to watch the Disney series on four screens at the same time.

In this app, you can find both old and new movies that have been able to hit the big time each year, and tv shows from Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, Disney and Star Wars companies

Features of Disney Plus

Watch on four screens just for $6.99.


Owned by Fox cooperation, the TUBI offers a wide range of movies and TV shows compared to other premium platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime

This 100% legal app allows you to watch over 2300 movies and television series for free and you can watch all of these shows either by signing in or without signing in.

However, on the contrary, while you watch the TUBI videos, as this app makes their income by advertisements, ads will pop up in the middle of videos and you might not be able to catch up on the latest movies and TV shows.

To get more details about this fabulous app, please log in to tubi. tv the official website.

Features of Tubi

1. Free to use a legal app
2.wide range of TV series and movies to choose from
3.Pop up ads while watching
4.Latest TV and movies are not available


This app allows users to stream free movies and TV shows.

You may use crackle either signing in or without signing in.

If you sign up you can enjoy some other features like parental control and watch later.

As this is a free app, the number of shows available are limited. However, some unique shows are only available on Crackle.

Feature of Crackle

Some tv series can only be found on crackle.

Cinema HD   

If you are an android user this might be a suitable app to install on your device.

Cinema HD is another legal streaming app but unlike other free apps, this works like a search engine, crawling links across the internet.

This app also can be installed on fire sticks.


Whether you are an Apple user or an android user, you can install Zinitevi on your device without having to either jailbreak or root your device.

Unlike other free apps, you no longer have to worry about the old content with Zinitevi.

The video quality of this app is between 360p and 1080p.

Cine hub

In Cinehub you can stream almost of the movies that are available on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. More importantly,

Unlike other illegal apps, ads don’t pop up while you are enjoying your favourites.

To install Cinehub, you are not required to jailbreak or root check your device.

Thanks to high-speed server links for every video you can experience buffer-free streaming.

This app is compatible with players like VLC and MX players. As this is an illegal app, you have to download it through its official website.

Popcorn Times

Since its debut in 2014, Popcorn times has been embraced by tv-series lovers by the storm due to its user-friendly interface and huge collection of content.

To this day Netflix reckons PT as a there biggest rivalry.

But one thing to keep in mind before you watch the Popcorn Times series. Use VPN!

Feature of Popcorn Times

Best free Netflix alternative that can be installed on android, iOS and   windows OSes.

So we hope you have had a great time with us thus far.

Please try those apps to watch your favorite Movies with subtitles.

MediaBox HD

MediaBox HD is the best freeware on your iOS or Android platform.

You can watch unlimited Movies and TV Shows using this free app with subtiles.

Try this and share your experience with others.

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