Privacy Policy collects informations & gain with our users only for provision our service on them.Our vision & mision to provide a satisfaction service without harming users personal informations that we collected from them.We have done it thus far.Where we must mention for our users who are using this educational website that we collect your personal informations according to the Spanish Laws On the protection of personal Data & Regulation(EU) 2016/679 Europian Parliment.So we recommend you this data collecting way because we done it with 95/EC(General Data Protection Regulation).

All your collected data will be kept protectively and we are using only for your service and feedbacks.Those data we protect from unauthorized access,Deletions,Manipulation without informing to users.We are fully affiliated to disclose our users about the actions that we take with their provided personal informations to provide our service.Hence we highly cocerning about your privacy of personal data indeed.Please read more and make sure that what are the other concernings with our Privacy Policy terms & conditions.

Data Collection Purpose

As we previously mentioned our only purpose of collecting personal data of users providing a fruitful & effective service for our users through their own problems.We needed users personal informations to send feedbacks relevant to their own questions and requests.All we are doing things with your personal informations transparent and only you can see what we do with you.

But if you are commenting with us using our comment area,we can give you our feedbacks commonly.But if you need to do it we can do it personally protecting your privacy relevent to this product and the other technical issues.

Consent Of Users On Data Collection

We can use your personal informations only if you provided.That’s meant we can’t forcely use your personal data at all.Your using of this website will not be damaged your privacy too.You can use this website confidentially for your educational purpose and you can provide your informations that we need to give you our feedbacks.These informations collection will be done 100%v consent of users via our contact form only.

Retention Period Of Collected Data

We keep your personal data until we provide our service for you.Then over time we remove completely from our platform those data if you are not affiliated with us to get our service further.

Cookies Data

This website not using any Cookies data.

Commenting & Opinons

Any user have complete authorization to comment with us and provide your personal opinon on this product our relevent points that we sharing with you.You can use our commenting area to discuss about your FAQs with others who are interesting our educational guides.But we highly warn you that not to be used this website to abuse or violating Copyright owners products that we are providing our educational guides or other users who are using this website for their education.If so you will be undergone with legal panalties according to the Under Federal Law.

How We Collect Your DATA & The Way Of Data Collection

We collect DATA via our contact form only.You can provide your rquest or matter that you want to clear out with your email address and name that we send you our feedback.

Data Types We Collect

  • E-mail Address
  • Name

Except those data types this website will not ask any of your Credit card details or passwords or user names.Therefore prevent from providing such type of personal informations when you are using this website.Because we are not promoting or selling any product or copyright contents via this website.This is an educational website that provides all educational guides apps & Games.

Privacy Policy Update Note is only an educational website and we are also fans of ZiniTevi indeed.Thank you ZiniTevi for every good thinks.

Moreover we are not selling or promoting any product through this website.Users should not to provide their credit card details to use this website.

So do not provide your any personal information to any platform or any request.Please use this website only for your educational purpose only.

Again we inform to ZiniTevi that we are highly appreciate your Movie watching application and we are enjoying on it.Thank you ZiniTevi team!