ZiniTevi VS MovieBox PRO Latest Update.

With this article will give you another shot about unlimited free movie collection except ZiniTevi.

MovieBox PRO shows same features as ZiniTevi & more other features too.

Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons,Animated Movies and other entertainment videos are available on this application either for downloading or online watching.

MovieBox PRO App Features

  • Unlimited Movie Watching time allocation
  • Ultra fast loading speed
  • Simultaneous Subtitle playing
  • Onscreen video playing mode
  • Multi video quality
  • Favorite video list creating ability
  • Downloaded videos storage without using device storage

Most of users tend to use MovieBox PRO. Therefor this application has been designed to match all countries of world.

Why you use MovieBox PRO ?

We can provide you millions of positive reasons to prove that here is the best place to watch movies.Please read following points.

  • Very easy to use
  • Not required large space
  • Simple user interface
  • No need credit card details
  • All videos are downloadable

Well categorized Videos

Most importantly this app provides well categorization as below.

Sort By

  • Added
  • IMDB
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • View
  • Released

Movie Ratings

  • G
  • PG
  • PG-13
  • R
  • NC-17

Moreover this app shows new filter interface with,

  • Top DVD & Streaming
  • Certified Fresh Movies
  • Certified Fresh Movies On Theater
  • Top Box Office
  • Opening This Week
  • Coming soon to Theaters
  • Coming Soon
  • Popular on Netflix

What is MovieBox PRO ?

This is about MovieBox PRO and all about it.In other word full introduction about this application and its contents.

Very simply this is a Movie streaming mobile application which compatible with both iOS & Android platforms.

You can download and online watch Movies using this application without connecting with any website such as torrent sites.

Furthermore this app provides the direct links to download videos.

For instance,you can download videos when you open it and with your fingertip.

How to download MovieBox PRO

Firstly you should be aware about the requirements on download this application.


  • iOS/Android smart Phone
  • iOS 9 or latest
  • Android V 4.0 or latest
  • Fast internet connection

If you are in,please tap on the download button and enter to the our downloading page.Then follow the instructions that we have provided.


In conclusion we can recommend this application on all iOS & Android platform users to use on their smart devices and use to watch their willing Movies with subtitles.Similarly ZiniTevi also shows same features.

Therefore both MovieBox & ZiniTevi are well protected apps to use for free on your mobile smart phone.Moreover those applications are supportive on your PC/laptop too.

Meanwhile you can keep your child away from this app with enable Child Mode too.

During you are watching a video,you will be able to change your subtitle opacity as well.

You can watch subsequently downloaded videos without storing in your device staorage.

In addition you can create a favorite list with your willing Movies.

Further this app provides you the download history to identify your downloaded videos.

But you should become a member to use this application with email loging.

However you are free to download and install the app on your either device that iOS or Android.

Well categorized videos are the best example to clarify its advance architecture.

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