ZiniTevi existing with unlimited free Movies,TV Shows & Animated Movies as well as Cartoons and other entertainment videos for free & with safe.This application supportive with iOS and Android platforms very well and stable to use.Most of users are willing to use this application on their devices due to its user friendly behaviors.This educational website shows you all about this application and all you needed tutorial guides about ZiniTevi downloading and installing about particular device/Platform without spending money.

This application stands with millions of free latest & old Movies with subtitles.Not only subtitles but also this application provides more other features too.This is the very beginning session of ZiniTevi unlimited free tutorial guide from us.Please join with us and keep following important points when you are joining with us for a prolong period of time.

What is ZiniTevi ?

ZiniTevi is the best Movie streaming application ever.This product provides all latest and old cinema videos for free for download and online watch.This application you can use on your iOS and Android platform running smart devices for free.You can download and install as well as remove it from your device 100% without harming on your device.

This application you can use as your portable movie theater and watch any movie at any time with your mobile device using your mobile data.Whether you have or not a Wi-Fi connection doesn’t matter for this application.You can use this application to watch your favorite Movies at Bus,home or even at your working place too.

ZiniTevi Features

  • Online & Offline videos watching facilities
  • Onscreen videos watching facilities
  • You can download videos direrctly without any download manager
  • Less ads display
  • No revokes
  • Auto loading subtitles
  • Multilingual subtitles
  • Small size easy to download
  • Fast loading & Downloading speed

ZiniTevi Categorizations

This application shows its all contents on a great categorization manner.This architecture of ZiniTevi very easy to search your favorite movies.You can easily navigate to your willing Movie or TV show and enjoy within few seconds.Please check the following providence .

Genres of Movies

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animations
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • TV Movie
  • Thriller
  • War
  • Western

Genres of TV Shows

  • Action & Adventure
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • KIds
  • Mystery
  • News
  • Reality
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Soap
  • Talk
  • War & Politics
  • Western

Except those categories this application shows following basic categorization as well.Check this out guys,

  • Watch soon at home
  • Most streamed Movies Now
  • Recently added
  • Popular TV Shows
  • Trending TV Shows
  • Top Actors & Actresses

This application provides very important feature with its service.Special filter interface is the best feature of this application.This feature very important to easily navigate your destination at all.

Why you should use ZiniTevi on Your Smart Phone ?

We can mention some important points on this app to prove that you should use this app on your device that if you are a movie lover.

  • Regularly updating with newer features as well as newly released Movies,TV Shows
  • All upcoming Movies available
  • Latest Cinema news
  • Well categorization
  • Soft and shape uses
  • Free subtitles

Watch Movies With Your Family

This application’s contents are very safe to use.Thus you can select any video and watch with your family.All contents are very trustful and you can activate the child mode to protect your child.This application works properly with PC,Laptop,MacOS.

Moreover this application will be compatible with your Fire TV stick,Google chromecast,Smart TV ,Roku,Mibox too.

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ZiniTevi On Your Fire TV Stick

Now enjoy with your family watching unlimited free Movies,TV Shows using ZiniTevi On Your Fire TV Stick For free.Please foloow our educational guide properly and make your family happy.

ZiniTevi On Fire TV Stick

ZiniTevi On Google Chromecast,Smart TV,Roku,Mibox

Follow our educational based Tutorial guide to use ZiniTevi On your Google Chromecast,Smart TV,Roku,Mibox.Then have a fun with your favorite Movies guys.See you soon.

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Is ZiniTevi safe on my mobile phone ?

yes indeed.This application download and install not require any software changes of your device.Therefore your device’s default settings will not be changed during the downloading & installing process of ZiniTevi.

Can I use ZiniTevi On My Jailbroken iPhone ?

Yes.You can use this application on jailbroken as well as non jailbroken devices.This application not require any iOS jailbreak method.

ZiniTevi iOS and APK versions show same features ?

Almost same.

Can I remove this application completely from my device ?

Yes sure.You can completely remove the installation package from your device.

Does this application make slow down my phone ?

This application is very small in size.Therefore your device will not allocate a large space for this application.

Can i download videos using Zinitevi ?

Yes you can.Very simply tap on the download option and the video will be begun to download

Important For This Website users

This website is only an educational website.Therefore we are not selling or promoting any product via this website.Specially we are not promoting or selling ZiniTevi app or its contents at all.All coprights & respects should be owned by its original owners indeed.Therefore please do not participate for following things at all.

  • Do not provide your credit card details or other billing informations
  • Do not provide your personal informations at any time such as passwords & usernames
  • Use this website as an educational website only
  • Please protect author rights when you are commenting and share your opinions via this website.

ZiniTevi Transformation So Far

As the best Movie streaming freeware ZiniTevi available with its regular updates and uploads indeed.As the result of that they have update its APK version several times with important features.You can use following read more directions to get more information.ZiniTevi team has updates its APK version as CucoTV & AstonCine so far.


ZiniTevi is the best mobile friendly free third party Movie streaming application that all iOS and Android users can use on their devices to watch ultimate Movies,TV Shows and the other cinemas for free.All young,adults ,childrens can watch together movies with this application on their mobile phones with free subtitles.